Frequently Asked Questions.

What benefits do I receive by participating as an employer?

You will see an average net FICA savings of approximately $523 per employee per year. You will be able to offer additional insurance coverage to your employees at zero net cost to you and at a net zero cost to your employees. The program will help your employees be healthier, which in turn makes them more productive, miss less work. Healthier employees can help to reduce major medical insurance premiums.

What benefits do I receive by participating as an employee?

A personal health dashboard, on-line health assessments, health coaching, 24/7 telemedicine services, 24/7 Telehealth Registered Nurse Line, educational resources, health tracking and monitoring, 120+ counseling programs and Mayo Clinic wellness programs. From your net payroll tax savings you will receive a benefit bank amount for the purchase of insurance products (the average amount received is approximately $150/month).

What products can I purchase with my benefit bank?

Health Insurance (benefits) products.

Do I have to spend my entire benefit bank?

No, however any dollars not used in purchasing insurance products become taxable.

Will my take-home income amount change by participating?

Using the benefit bank amount determined for each employee will not reduce take-home pay and could possibly cause a slight increase to their paycheck. Please see question below regarding missing work days for further details.

Will my paycheck look different after participating in the program?

In the ledger of the paycheck there will be additional line items that include: a pre-tax deduction, dashboard fee, and a post-tax medical expense reimbursement and insurance product deductions using the payroll tax savings. Please refer to questions regarding take-home income for further details.

What is the basis of the Self-Insured Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (SI-MERP)?

This a a voluntary participation based, self-insured medical expense reimbursement plan that redirects a portion of employeespayroll tax dollars for the purchase of critical & catastrophic insurance products while having no impact on net take home pay. The program benefits the employer by noticeably reducing payroll tax expenditures.